100 Word Story – The Very Last Call

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      While washing the glasses, Thomas noticed the glass with the bump for the three thousandth time. The same bump he noticed his first night bar backing here at Bonnie’s.
      Two seats from the end of the bar Roy lifted his head from its usual place, and Thomas began to pour Roy one last shot.
      "Tommy? I seem to have-"
      "-misplaced a bill or two tonight…", Thomas finished, "Don’t worry about it, Roy. It’s on the house."
      "No, I’ll get ya back. I know Bonnie don’ like given way drinks."
      "Roy, come tomorrow what Bonnie don’ like won’t mean shit to me."

©opyleft 2004 Tone Milazzo


100 Word Story – Sense Datum

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      Michael lay next to his new lover, reminded again that everyone's body… smelled.
      Not that he thought of himself as odorless, but the odor of his body was familiar and easily ignored. Her aroma was strange, not unpleasant, but different.
      Eventually he'd accommodate, and her smell would become a familiar thing. But in a few months (weeks? days?) she'd go on her way and he'd find a new lover with a different smell. And then Michael would have to adjust all over again.
      She looked up at him and asked, "What are you thinking about?"
      "Hmmm…? Me? …nothing."

©opyleft 2004 Tone Milazzo


100 Word Story – “I’d Forgotten”

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       Anthony searched for parking and reflected on how melancholy he had become in recent years. The optimist he’d once been would have been greatly disappointed.
       Does attitude filter perception and then become reality? Then perhaps he could improve his situation by reversing his attitude…
       He was so absorbed with this task, taking on a positive outlook, that he forgot to kill the engine before exiting his car, but he did remember to lock the door.
       The newly forming positive attitude didn’t stand a chance against cold, hard reality.
       “No, you’re right”, he said to the universe, “life really is shit.”

©opyleft 2004 Tone Milazzo


100 Word Story – “The Center of Her Own…”

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       On the outside they may be masters of business or politics. But here, they are only courtiers vying for her favors.
       She doesn’t care about talent, persistence or personalities. Her only interest; those who were interested in her, self-absorbed to the point where other people were either accessories, or irrelevant.
       The source of her power? Control of the clipboard and the microphone.
       “Excuse me?” one of the plebeians asks, “I signed the list thirty minutes ago and I’m sure the last three singers signed up after me.”
       “You don’t understand”, she condescends to explain, “we have a system here…”

©opyleft 2004 Tone Milazzo

Dedicated to the woman who runs Karaoke at The Ould Sod.


100 Word Story – “The Optimal Foot for this Mouth”

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      “You’re breaking up with me?”
      “It’s Game Theory, Laura. If we stay together while you’re gone that’s one point. But, if one of us finds somebody else then there is betrayal and pain. No points.
      “But, if we break up now and one of us hooks up, we can still be friends. Half point. And maybe get back together when you return. One point.
      “The average value of staying together is point five, while the average value of splitting up is point seven five.
      “See? This is the better strategy.”
      “But I’m only going away for a month, you idiot.”

©opyleft 2003 Tone Milazzo


100 Word Story – “The Instauration of a Tyrant”

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The extra challenge: I added an extra condition to this story, in addition to the hundred word limit I had to use three consecutive days of Marriam-Webster’s Word of the Day.

       “It’s criminal!”
       “It’s not criminal, Enid, I’m enforcing the law.”
       “Well, then it’s immoral!”
       “I won’t debate this. I need employment, and I need it now.”
       “By oppressing the masses? Oliver, if you had any gumption you wouldn’t consider becoming a… Martinet!”
       “So you have ‘gumption’? You’re squatting in a derelict building cum commune with the Bohemian Ennead; Pretension, Ostentation, Exhibition, Fatalism, Peculation, Retrogress, Habituation, Melancholy and Flummox.”
       Enid considered his riposte then asked, “You think Sara embodies flummox?”

       The next morning Enid’s words still pestered Oliver. He felt like a Hessian as he mounted the electric Parking Enforcement Vehicle.

©opyleft 2003 Tone Milazzo


100 Word Story – “Insatiable”

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       Dillon checked himself once more in the hotel elevator’s mirrored interior. He was getting nervous. This wasn’t just a first date, it was his first date for pay.
       Room 214, to the left.
       They called her “Insatiable”, the agency’s best customer. She devoured men, at least three a week, sometimes in pairs. She was the agency’s initiation and trial by fire, less then half of the new escorts passed.
       He knocked on the door.
       When it opened Dillon knew he couldn’t go through with it.
       He looked down at the familiar woman in the red evening dress and said, “Mom?”

©opyleft 2003 Tone Milazzo


100 Word Story – “The Last Adventure of Jacob Land”

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       Jacob looked out to where the Diligence had been mired. He wanted to run into the water and swim after her, but she had already sailed over the horizon.
       He couldn’t build a raft. The island wasn’t much more than a sandbar and it only hosted the one palm tree that he had been sleeping under.
       He could light the grass and make a signal fire, but there were no ships in view.
       Option after option presented themselves and were dismissed as Jacob stared into the water.
       By evening the precession of ideas had stopped, and Jacob was still staring.

©opyleft 2003 Tone Milazzo


100 Word Story – “Law’s Constructor”

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The real title is;

class law{
    law( what * What ){
        do( What->thou_wilt())

       “Is it metaphor or paradigm?” +h3r10n answered as he sat in front of his computer, “I don’t know, but all the elements are there; firewalls are wards, agents are spirits, a shell is a microcosm to the computer’s macrocosm. Virtual reality correlates with astral projection, Aboriginal Dreamtime, Otherworld etcetera…”
       “Except that no one’s made VR work.”
       “Oh, I’ve made VR work, my friend”, he took a small yellow envelope from his shirt pocket, opened it, and shook a rough green button into his hand. He considered it a moment and then looked up at me and smiled.
       “The peyote helps.”

©opyleft 2003 Tone Milazzo

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