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Picking Up the Ghost is now on Audible.com.

Beyond signing the contract I wasn’t involved in the process. I was worried that they’d get an English woman to do the reading but thankfully Audible is smarter than that. After listening to it I’ve some thoughts and feelings:

This is proof that someone has read the book, that is unless Brandon Massey is some kind of sophisticated AI.

Boy, I used the n-word a lot. Brandon Massey’s a black man so every time I think “I just made him say that.” This may not be a unique emotional experience but I’m guessing you can count the number of us who’ve felt this way on one hand.

A lot of the names were pulled from African folklore and I honestly had know idea how Akotun, Eshu Wara, Olamide and others were supposed to sound so now I have a pronunciation guide.

There were three sentences that made me cringe. “In the hallway the goatman was asleep at the end of the hallway.” was one of them. The other two were worse. I’m going to be more careful when I proof read next time.

Getting my story out there in another medium is a damn good feeling.




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Breaking the Cycle Films has optioned Picking Up the Ghost for a screenplay. This means they’ve bought some time to get a movie rolling. There’s a list of acceptable criteria for this. Since I’m still new to contracts I’m not sure what I should make public and what’s a secret so I’ll just leave that vague.

What it really means is that a complete stranger read my book and liked it enough to want to make a movie out of it. And that feels pretty good.


The Dead Robots Society Podcast

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The Dead Robots Society Podcast

Hey hey! I’m on the 221st episode of The Dead Robots Society Podcast where I had a great little talk with Justin Macumber.

Also: We’re doing an eBook price cut on Picking Up the Ghost, $2.99 for the next two weeks on KoboBooks.


Author of Picking Up the Ghost

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Picking up the Ghost5_FINAL_(Feb-23-2011)
Living in St. Jude, a 110-year-old dying city on the edge of the Mississippi, is tough. But when a letter informs fourteen-year-old Cinque Williams of the passing of the father he never met, he is faced with an incomplete past and an uncertain future. A curse meant for his father condemns Cinque to a slow death even as it opens his eyes to the strange otherworld around him. With help from the ghost Willy T, an enigmatic White Woman named Iku, an African Loa, and a devious shape-shifter, Cinque gathers the tools to confront the ghost of his dead father. But he will learn that sometimes too much knowledge can be dangerous—and the people he trusts most are those poised to betray him.

Nominated for the 2012 San Diego Book Awards.

First four chapters are free, depending on how good you are at solving puzzles.

Reviews – What’s Being Said About Tone Milazzo & Picking Up the Ghost

African magic and folklore color this unusual coming-of-age story . . . . [T]his debut entertains with an original approach and mix of breezy humor and dark fantasy.
Publishers Weekly

If Salvador Dali were an author, his work might resemble Tone Milazzo’s Picking Up the Ghost. Okay, maybe Milazzo’s book has a little more structure than Dali’s melting pocket watches. But there is no doubt that Milazzo can paint a world with words, and the surreal setting he created for this coming-of-age adventure is both dazzling and terrifying. . . . [E]ven if you’re not an urban fantasy fan, I definitely recommend this book. Milazzo has unique style that is downright weird, but has a literary quality to it. I think we can expect more great stories from him.
SF Revu


Trade Paperback

Audio Book


Adventures in SciFi Publishing

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Adventures in SciFi Publishing

Another podcast appearance. This one was conducted via Skype which, given my sluggish Internet connection, was a little come and go. Fortunately editing in post made me sound a lot smoother than I felt.

Listen in MP3


Just a reminder…

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Saturday at 2pm. 7051 Clairemont Mesa Blvd


In my hot little hands

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Canadian Postal service be damned!


Technically now I can say “best selling”.

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Picking Up the Ghost was #6 on Horror Mall’s Preorder Bestseller list for April. It’s not the New York Times but it’s also not bad for an author no one knows.

Wanna make me #1 for May?


The online bombardment continues!

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Click Me Picking Up the Ghost Is at the printers! Now, on the the shilling! It’s pretty common these days to hand out the first few chapters online. But prefer to make potential readers work for it, or even better, suffer for it. So the fist chapter is free, but to unlock the next three you’ll have to solve a series of puzzles.

Get to it:

I made this page in mostly JavaScript with jQueryUI and Raphael.
There’s also a Facebook page if you like that kind of thing.


Wherein I toot my own horn.

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Picking Up the Ghost signed, limited, and corporeal hardcover is now available for pre-order.

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