I’ve put Sam’s partially colored, lettered pages up on the Seize Him! #1 sample page.
I tried to infiltrate Wildstorm Comics yesterday. My plan was to staple one of my new business cards to an application in hopes that the right person would see the url and check out what I’ve got.
Well, Wildstorm does all their hiring through Warner, so no application for me. They don’t have any openings anyway. Turns out it wasn’t a new idea either, the guy at the front desk was just answering their phones until a colorist position opened up. He did give me some free comics though so the trip wasn’t a total waste.

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  1. Well, the first few pages have me hooked. What’s the ETA on finishing this thing?

    Comment by mpschuster — September 24, 2003 @ 5:53 am

  2. I can’t say. We should have enough to submit to Image sometime in October. Then we wait. I don’t know if Sam is enthusiastic enough to do the ten page sample Dark Horse requires and I know he’s not up for self-publishing.

    What’s up with you Matt?

    Comment by tone_milazzo — September 25, 2003 @ 11:16 am

  3. Image could be a good bet, try to hassle Erik Larsen, he’s been trying to invigorate Image superhero stock for a while now. He comes across as a crabby old man but he’s actually quite nice.

    The problem is, if you don’t sell enough copies through Image, you can end up owing them money. (At least this was how it worked a few years ago.) Being part of Image mandates that you take out a full-page ad in Previews. (Not cheap.) If your book sales don’t cover your costs, you get a bill. With self-publishing, you can regulate how much of your cash goes to publicity, but don’t get the advantage of being under the image umbrella. Which really isn’t that big of a deal these days.

    What’s up with me?

    Moved. Several times. Cracked up. Had to stay in Fargo for a year and a half taking care of sick mother. (She’s getting better.) Rented an art studio. Drew like a crazy person. Refined my style. Got a girlfriend. Moved to Minneapolis three weeks ago. Plotting….

    How have you been doing?

    Comment by mpschuster — September 26, 2003 @ 7:20 am

  4. Image Problem: Yeah, I’ve heard scary things about working with Image. I think they might not be the right company for two unknowns to get their start. But sam has finished 10 pages now instead of 5, so we can go to some of the other publishers first.

    How have I been doing?

    Lost my job. Lost my mind. Had to move back home. Gave up on computer career. Now working as a bartender in an empty bar while trying to get this writing thing off the ground.

    Your site looks good.

    Comment by tone_milazzo — September 29, 2003 @ 12:27 pm

  5. The only people who seem to have any success with Image right now are those who’re already established. As a company, they’re still very unreliable. When I worked at the comic book shop we would frequently not order Image books unless they were a customer request. You had no idea when they would come out, or if they would just drop off the face of the planet after a few issues. Eric Larsen would lose money on every issue of Savage Dragon, he just refuses to quit. (That’s part of why I like him.)

    I wish I had some company to recommend, but as you know things are tight everywhere right now. (Maybe apply for a Xerix grant?)

    Let me know if you want a critique of any of the pages. I spotted a few things that seemed weird, nothing big mind you, just stuff to think about.

    Thanks for commenting on the site, I’m going to be adding a lot of new stuff over time (more graphic design, some fonts, some fine art) and maybe trying to learn php or some other language to better manage the site’s growing size. I use Livejournal to archive the “sketch of the day” which works for now. And I’ve constructed everything with Dreamweaver. I’ll add a link to your site soon, I really need to revamp my links page. It has been neglected.

    Too bad your bar is empty, that might be a good place for some stories.

    Comment by mpschuster — October 2, 2003 @ 2:27 am

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