The real title is;

class law{
    law( what * What ){
        do( What->thou_wilt())

       “Is it metaphor or paradigm?” +h3r10n answered as he sat in front of his computer, “I don’t know, but all the elements are there; firewalls are wards, agents are spirits, a shell is a microcosm to the computer’s macrocosm. Virtual reality correlates with astral projection, Aboriginal Dreamtime, Otherworld etcetera…”
       “Except that no one’s made VR work.”
       “Oh, I’ve made VR work, my friend”, he took a small yellow envelope from his shirt pocket, opened it, and shook a rough green button into his hand. He considered it a moment and then looked up at me and smiled.
       “The peyote helps.”

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  1. This is great.

    Paradoxically, imposing strict parameters on one’s creativity can often grant freedom. As far as my composing goes (an activity which I’m doing far too rarely these days), almost all of my favorites from my own work were written under decidedly rigid guidelines… a limited number of voices/instruments, adherence to a specific form and so on.

    Dude, send me another LJ code. This anonymous shite sucks like a two dollar ‘ho trying to earn twenty dollars. [/badazzmofo]

    Comment by anonymous — November 2, 2003 @ 10:43 am

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