The extra challenge: I added an extra condition to this story, in addition to the hundred word limit I had to use three consecutive days of Marriam-Webster’s Word of the Day.

       “It’s criminal!”
       “It’s not criminal, Enid, I’m enforcing the law.”
       “Well, then it’s immoral!”
       “I won’t debate this. I need employment, and I need it now.”
       “By oppressing the masses? Oliver, if you had any gumption you wouldn’t consider becoming a… Martinet!”
       “So you have ‘gumption’? You’re squatting in a derelict building cum commune with the Bohemian Ennead; Pretension, Ostentation, Exhibition, Fatalism, Peculation, Retrogress, Habituation, Melancholy and Flummox.”
       Enid considered his riposte then asked, “You think Sara embodies flummox?”

       The next morning Enid’s words still pestered Oliver. He felt like a Hessian as he mounted the electric Parking Enforcement Vehicle.

©opyleft 2003 Tone Milazzo
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