I have a utility that tells me some basic information about who is visiting tonemilazzo.com. Operating systems, web browsers, most popular pages, country codes (21 page hits from the Netherlands!), etc.
One of my favorites is Search Keyphrases. This tells me what people put into their search engine to find my site. These are some of the top phrases that bring people to tonemilazzo.com.

  • crimes in the 1300s
  • jared lindenberg (At number two!?!)
  • darkhold chthon
  • church bishop during plague
  • milazzo job (yeah, I’ve been searching for that one too)
  • tone milazzo
  • the plague and church involvement
  • dante inferno reformation 1300s
  • how the church handled the plague europe
  • infernal signs
  • bar (How badly was this guy looking for a ‘bar’?)
  • gurps cabal jesuits
  • 7th comm okinawa japan
  • plague and the church
  • crusade wars between rival religious groups
  • religious wars in the 1700s
  • execution and plague
  • it’s dot com
  • horned god dianus
  • malleas maleficarum
  • denying religion through black plague

Most of these are from the 7000 word proposal for GURPS Black Magic, which explains why I’m so popular in the Netherlands…

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