In no particular order:

  1. Save a little time by hooking up an RSS aggregator.
  2. Develop character for Backwater a Flash animation, adventure series , and I are going to develop. Mostly Done.
    The three protagonists have been tossed into an alien swamp together and they have to try to survive. Each of us is supposed to create one of the main characters. The kernel is the hard part, I’ve decided on an idiot-savant version of Socrates. I liked the idea of an imaginary friend (his daimon) and the ability to destroy someone by just asking “why?” over and over.
  3.… is going to take longer to write than I thought. It’s going to be an “open fiction project” where writers can contribute up to 512 letters to a ongoing story. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks evaluating open source message board systems and groupware, but none of them are quite right. So it looks like I’ve going to have to write the whole thing myself. Which means I have to read all 700 pages of PHP and PostgreSQL.
  4. Review the Not Necessarily the Justice League and Supreme Power trade paperbacks for the Reviewer to give journalism a try.
  5. Continue researching for Pulp Fission, a 1950’s style scifi story that’ll be my next big comic project. Not going so well. I borrowed Women Who Run with the Wolves and The Portable Dorthy Parker from a friend and haven’t opened either of them. The computer stuff’s kept me busy.
  6. Write a script to pull the 100 Word Stories from my Live Journal and present them on their own page. Half done. I have the presentation part down, the pulling hasn’t been as smooth. At first I thought I might write a perl script that would read LJ’s RSS feed once a week and add any new stories to the database. BUt that’s sloppy. Instead, I’m going to modify an LJ client to submit to LJ and the database simultaneously.
  7. Prepare an ashcan for the San Diego Comic Con. New Idea. At the Con I like to buy those little amateur comics by independent artists. But I spend $40 and most of them aren’t very good… But if I had my own ashcan I could barter their shitty little $2 comic for my shitty little $2 comic.
    Maybe Steve and I can make one on The 24 Hour Comic Day
  8. Oh yeah, I should get a job. Last week I went around to a bunch of companies in San Diego that do web development and submitted a resume in person. I got one brief interview out of it and a few e-mails. No one said that they’re hiring right away but maybe in the next month. Better results than the thousands of resumes I’ve e-mailed out over the years.
    I’m too busy to work anyway…

Now the hard part…

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