…this Metzger is the founder of Disinformation portal to left-wing politics, critic of mainstream media, publisher and midnight “head fuck” TV series.
Dan () and I drove up to Re-evolution, a counter culture bookstore in Tarzana, to check it out. On the way up Nicco () happened to call and we invited him along. Speaking of weird, on the same block is this storefront built to look like a car grill.

Richard is a modern Robert Leroy Ripley (believe it or not) and his work usually focuses on the weird and unusual, subjects close to my heart.
He showed a few segments from the series he did for the BBC before answering questions.

Interesting facts:

  • When the conservative financial backer of disinfo.com discovered that the site wasn’t just about UFO’s, paranoids and weirdos but in fact held a strong left-wing bias Richard blackmailed him to save it.
  • Dan discovered DMT and I’m again reconsidering soberity.
  • When crazy people see themselves being interviewed on TV they’re never worried that they look crazy, they’re more concerned with the production elements, like lighting.

Afterward, Nicco and I talked in person for the first time in about six years. It was a worthwhile trip and I think that future expeditions to LA are definitely in order.

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