Because we were a team, Yi and I were disqualified from the 24 Hour Comic Anthology. Which is fair, with more people contributing it was less of a challenge.

So, for next year, I’m learning how to draw. I’ve tried this before, but I felt that I lacked the desire to doodle that most artists I know seem to have. What was really holding me back was the lack of a structured approach to learning, even the class I took was taught with a “just go ahead and draw” approach, and I really don’t like to stumble forward like that without any initial instruction.

So I checked out Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards. The exercises are geared toward training the left side of the brain to relax which allows the right side to go ahead and do it’s thing. So when drawing a chair, instead of just plowing ahead with a “I know what a chair looks like” attitude I break the object down into lines and play more attention to the lines’ proximity to each other.

Any way, I’m 58 pages into the book and I drew this yesterday:

Whis was copied (not traced) from the cover of this week’s Amazing Spider-Man:

I’ve a long way to go before I can draw my own comics, but I gotta start somewhere.

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