Since it looks like Robert at Comickaze isn’t going to get around to printing up copies of Prom Night any time soon, so I might as well tell everyone that I posted the pages in the gallery. Yes I lettered it. Yes my handwriting sucks.

Last night, at Lestat’s, I saw a kid in a black trench coat with a t-shirt that read, “Ain’t nothin’ but a Goth thang”.
I don’t usually wish suffering on anyone, but I hope the other goths laughed at him till he cried and wrote a poem or something.

Good news! I have met the San Diego Comic Con’s low standards for a Professional pass. This means that I save $60 and I get a special pass that will make networking with the real professionals easier.

Charlie is almost done with the pencils on Anatomically Incorrect & Ethically Challenged and we found an inker in the UK. We shouldn’t have a problem getting an ashcan ready in time for Con.

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