I’ll tell you what happened next, I reached into the jaws of defeat and kicked defeat’s ass!
Using freeunixhost and an old back up from November of last year I now have a website again. It’s a stub, but it’ll do for now.

So who else want’s a piece of me? Huh?

On the first night of Con I was only in the dealers room for two hours and I spent ~$260 which amounts to twenty nine trade paperbacks (all half off). Wednesday night’s all right for buying, Wednesday night’s all right, all right, all right.

After forty minutes I was finally at the head of the line to pick up my Professional Pass and I thought to myself, “Man, when I’m a big name comic book writer I bet I won’t have to wait on line for a pass anymore. I bet Mark Waid get his pass delivered to him on a velvet pillow in his hotel room.”

Then I turned around to look at the line behind me and I saw Mark Waid, twenty spots behind me.

Provided nothing else goes wrong, I’ll be picking up the AIEC ashcan tomorrow morning at Kinko’s.

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