Emphasis on the spent. I dropped over $700 in four days. That’s not accounting for the $150 I spent on printing up ashcans of AIEC and lost wages from missing two days of work.

But I have no regrets. I now possess the complete runs of Preacher, The Invisibles, The Sandman, Finder and Akira as well as a dozen or so other trade paperbacks that I need-wanted.

I got copies of AIEC in the hands of some of my favorite comic-book people; Collen Coover, Laurenn McCubbin, Richard Moore, Carla Speed McNeil and others. I still have about twenty copies, if anyone wants one let me know.

Saw a sneek preview of Harold & Kumar go to White Castle which was a better than average stoner comedy.

I also met a lot of like-minded comic-book aspirants. More on them next post.

In other news, most of tonemilazzo.com is back up. I still need to reprogram the 100 Word Story database in mysql and the Gallery is gone for now (not enough space), but everything else is there.

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