On Saturday I went to Scolari’s Office with , , and… uh… Tina, to check out The Necro Tonz.
I was drawn to the show by a line on their flier describing the Tonz as “Death Lounge, Ghoul Jazz”. Basically they dress ike it’s Halloween and play parodies (like “What is this thing called Blood” and “The Ghoul from Ipanema”), strait covers of creepier pop songs and a few original numbers.
They’re from Dallas, of all places, and they invented their act when playing at a friends wake. The gimmick was a hit and they’ve stuck with it since the mid-nineties. It was a damn good show.

Almost as entertaining were the drunken assholes at Scolari’s. They work in shifts you know.
For the Tonz’ first set there was a Lynard Skynard looking motherfucker with a beer in one hand and a screwdriver in the other. There isn’t what you’d call a stage at Scolari’s, so Lynard take his position, inches from the band members, and just rock-out. Most of the time he’d just bob his head like a walking pigeon but occasionally he’d help out the band by conducting.
For the first half of the second set the asshole was a forty-something guy in a bennie who stood in the middle of the room and bobbed up and down.
Then, sometime in the middle of the second set they sent in the relief asshole. A skinny, bald, fifty-something who paced a lot and must of felt that the best way to show the band his appreciation was to lift his shirt and show them his bare upper-body. Over and over again. I don’t know maybe he felt hot of something. He’s a drunk asshole what do you expect?
After closing time all three were palling around together outside the bar. I figure they must be members of the Fraternal Brotherhood of North Park Sots, or something.
Anyway, I bought their album (The Necro Tonz album, not the drunk assholes. They’re having creative differences.) and if they come back to San Diego you’ll read about it here.

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