OK, I have pics of the tattoo. It’s not all that easy to take a picture of ones own lower back. Of the dozen pics I took I’m posting the clearest one, and the best one that has the complete design.

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I described the design in a previous post, and I did find a suitable substitute for the noose. Andy told me about an item from Tibet, “A ritual dagger or phurpa is symbolically used to kill demons, thus releasing them to a better rebirth.” Pharpa’s are used for symbolically removing obstacles. and is a better idea than the skeleton key I would have gone with.

Did it hurt?
Yes, it hurt. It felt like I was being scraped with an X-acto knife. But after a few minutes I got used to the pain. The worst part was holding the same position for three hours.

How much did it cost, and who did it?
$300 and I went with Bill Kiefer at Chronic Tattoo. I liked his style but most importantly he’d done a lot of work in grays.

Is it done?
Nope, I’ll be getting it shaded on September 8th.

Is it still sore?
Nope, The soreness went away within 24 hours. It still has a little texture and it itches a bit, I guess that’s just the top layer of dead skin pealing off.

Where is it?
On my lower back, by my Swadhisthana Chakra

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