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…we just got onto the freeway, when we spotted this old woman walking down the side of the road. Tone pulled over. I voiced my objections, since I’ve yet to see a movie where picking up a hitchhiker is ever a good idea.
So the woman got into the car. Tone tried to ask her some questions, but she wasn’t terribly lucid. He asks where she is going. He thinks she says North County. Turns out she says Northern CALIFORNIA. He asks why she’s going there and where she’s from. She said she’s coming from Yuma (the town on the AZ/CA border, for those of you who don’t know). So at this point, Tone decided he was just going to drop her off at a Denny’s on the way home. Well, we head to where he thought there was a Denny’s, but no Denny’s. So he steps out of the car and calls the police, in the hopes of possibly getting this woman back to where she should be.
We wait 30 minutes for the cops, and the woman had fallen asleep. I joke that she isn’t just asleep, and Tone Mind you, we were in a parking lot across the street from a HOSPITAL, where there are usually a couple of cops running around, unless “ER” has been lying to me all these years. The cop gets there, gets some info from Tone, and takes the woman out of the car and checks her ID.
The punchline: She’s from El Centro (Two hours east of San Diego by car).

We never did catch her name.

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