This is the second consecutive week without work from Protocol and it dosen’t sound like I’ll be called into the office anytime soon. I’m too stressed out to write so instead I’ll be:

  • Getting my own webserver.
    Having one career isn’t very secure. It would be nice to be able to apply to all those sysadmin jobs that can’t be outsourced to India, and both and my writer page have had problems with their databases and reliability, so I’m going to do it myself. Right now I’m looking at a $500 server, Hopefully it’ll be up sometime this week. After I get my sites moved over to the server I’d be willing to host sites for you people too.
  • Thinking about grad school again. I’ve been reluctant to throw more time and money down the hole of education but this bachelor’s degree thing isn’t happening either.
    I’ll probably go for a masters in Computer Science. I was looking at Cryptography and Security, but my background lends itself to Artificial Intelligence. Today I’ve been looking for faculty at UCSD who are working with Swarm Intelligence.
  • And I might be volunteering for the San Diego Asian Film Foundation. Not being asian myself I believe they’ll enslave me, force me to build a railroad and then execute me in retaliation.
    Good stuff.

In other news; Anatomically Incorrect & Ethically Challenged is being modified for publication in pacific REVIEW! (just some font changes, I’m not being censored) At least the comic book writing thing is coming along…

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