I call Protocol Marketing every week to see if things had turned around and there was some work for me to do.
Today the boss told me to not call anymore. I’ll stop by the office and empty my desk tomorrow.
Time to go to Best Buy.

William Shatner’s Has Been
A guy who’s stared in at least three TV series, numerous movies, written numerous published novels and recorded this album can’t seriously call himself a “has been” and the tongue in cheek nature of this CD should be obvious to anyone who’d consider picking it up.
Produced by Ben Folds (a long time Shatner devotee who’s worked with Shatner before on Ben’s Fear of Pop and the Priceline commercials) who’s worked on Shatners strength, his staggered way of speaking. Will doesn’t sing on any of these tracks, I guess you’d call it “spoken word set to music”.
The disc opens with a cover of Pulp’s Common People with Joe Jackson, but the real gems are in the original tracks, mostly written by Shatner himself.
You’ll have Time is a little reminder that you’re all going to die.
What Have You Done? a moving, a cappella track about the death of his wife.
Real, with Brad Paisley, an appeal to the fans who have difficulty distinguishing fantasy from reality.
I Can’t Get Behind That a three minute rant about things that the little problems that seem so important to the self-obsessed with Henry Rollins, of course . But my favorite is the title track where Shatner gets to point the finger at all of his couch-potato critics.
I also got the Alladin and Reform School Girls DVDs. I plan on watching these back to back.

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