I underestimated the amount of bandwidth one picture posted on Fark would demand. As a consequence I’ve used up all of the bandwidth that freeunixhost.com allows and they’ve shut down tonemilazzo.com for the rest of the month.

Unless the asshole that I’m buying the server from gets back to me sometime this month with a time and place for me to pick it up (No, I haven’t given him any money yet) then I won’t have a site until November.
Normally this wouldn’t be a serious problem but I’m still looking for work as a web developer and what am I going to show? A homepage that’s 404 and so-then.org’s broken down database?

There’s no point in looking for work in the short-term and judging by what I saw at the job fair this morning there might not be any point in looking in the long-term either. I keep trying to think of some other field to get into but the only career that seems to have any security is “independently wealthy dilettante”.

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