After a lot of driving and a few days of Luxor I’m back from Internext. What was it like? Like any other computer convention, except with more booth bunnies and a lot more sex toys. But over all the nerd-to-hottie balance was very nerd heavy and the convention was remarkably undebauched. Nary a boobie to be seen. At one point I opted to spend an hour at a Q&A session on PHP instead of the spending an hour on the convention floor.

The convention was very business oriented, and since this is the porn business that means there were a lot of con-men there. I even saw a couple of mass-emailers (spammers) out and proud at their booths.

The best swag of the show; I won a penis extender from SizeGenetics. It claims to add 2-3 inches, but don’t believe it… it’s more!
If any of you are interested I’ve put the extender (a $300 value) up on ebay, tell your friends! And I won $5 at the roulette table so the trip paid for itself.

The worst swag of the show:

And I did get one good DVD sampler. Not much else-

– except for a few nice pictures of Masuimi Max

Linda and I had a good time at one of the after parties. Not only did they have go-go dancers in suspended cages, at one point they had spinning girls on wires flying around the room.
The Luxor was unimpressive. After working at the Lodge at Torrey Pines my standards for service were far higher than the indifferent shrugs and grunts of the staff, and the food was overpriced.

While at the convention I became aware of “associate programs”, adult sites that pay commission on traffic you send their way. Expect to see discrete links to on clusterstruck in the near future.

More pictures on flickr

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