Linda threw me a surprise birthday party last night.

Nice work, I didn’t suspect a thing.

Not only do I appreciate all the work she put into planning and getting everyone together but I also appreciate her posting an extensive description of the evenings events so I don’t have to.

Charlie also blogged an end-of-the-evening drunken post.

Some prime moments:

  • Steve, jumping up on the go-go dancer platform and preforming the Steve Dance. Resulting in him getting cut off at the bar.
  • April getting all ghetto for the evening.
  • Dan’s persistent demand, “Where’s April’s friend? Bring her to me!”
  • the pool game fizzling out because Linda and Tina wanted to dance together, and I wanted to watch them.
  • A lesbian interrupting Dan’s rhythmic domestic abuse to show him how a booty dance is properly done.

I have awesome friends!

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