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Dear Mr. Milazzo

I have found your text “Wishful Thinking” and i have a few questions to you about it.

The stories itself are not my thing because of their sexual orientation but the part where you describe the horse costume was very interesting for me.

Since years i am planning to make a quadrupedal pony(play) costume with some kind of arm extension which should add the missing 30cm to comfortably stand and walk “really” four legged. My construction of these “forelegs” is basically working but still needs a lot of improvements before they could really be used.

How do you think about such a construction in detail (even if its only pure fiction)?

Have you already seen such things for real?

Thank you very much for your answer, any comment is welcome.

With best wishes from [E] the cute pony

Btw: Boots shaped like real hooves (including horseshoes) are existing, i can sent you a photo of mine if you want.

Originally I was going to responde with; “Sorry dude, I just wrote a story.” But then the engineer in me kicked in.

Hello [E],

That part of “Wishful Thinking” was inspired by a picture of someone in the fetish community I once saw, so I know these thngs exists. But I’m not part of the community so I haven’t thought about their construction before now.

The human wrist wasn’t built to be walked on so I think that your forelegs should incorporate braces that extend up the forearm, like a cast and any point that you put your weight on (like your hands) should be well-padded.

You might consider consulting with a chiropractor, for the most ergonomic design.

Good luck with your project!


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