Somehow I’ve got to find the time too:

  • Study for and pass all the tests that I need to get both an MCSE and a MCDBA in the next four months.
  • Start writing again. When I was at APE I realized it’d been over six months since I’d seriously put pen to paper.
  • Start reading again. The only reading I’ve been doing is comic books and The Zombie Survival Guide because it’s a great bathroom reader.
  • Keep up the weekly contributions to clusterstruck
  • Run three miles a day and go to the gym 3 times a week.
  • All while working full-time. (And start making deadlines.)

I already promised to be on the SDAFF dragon boat team Saturday, but after that I’m not taking on any more responsibilities or commitments until I learn how to keep up with my current slate. That means no 24 Hour Comic this year, I’ll be lucky to get to all four days of Comic Con.

Speak of keeping my shit together; after Tuesday’s experiences I won’t be having any Bleu Cheese Dressing for a long, long time.

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