APE is like Comic Con, but without all commercialism and Klingons that exploit and embarrass fans of serious sequential art.
Of the books that I bought (which is less than the number of books that I wanted but greater than the number of books that I could reasonably afford) these are my favorites:

Yep, that Dorothy. Baum’s novel as a 21st century fumetti comic. But don’t expect any ruby slippers here, elements unique to the movie are still the property of Warner Bros. (Funny how intellectual properties laws work isn’t it?)

Instead, expect a rebellious teenage girl from Kansas with a pink streak dyed in her hair and a pierced lip, with a robot dog and …?
Well it’s only the second issue so she still hasn’t met the Scarecrow yet.

Site: http://dorothyofoz.net/


This time the resurrection will be televised.

This is Stephen R. Buell’s book about religion and the media. Jesus returns and the media circus begins, and four twenty-somethings try to make sense of it all.

Is God on TV, or is your TV god?

Site: http://lostinthedark.com/video/video.html

House of Twelve

One of the better anthology comics I’ve seen. And their extensive website means I can keep this plug short. Each issue has a theme, issue number one’s was the search for god, and the second issue’s was sci-fi. Issue three’s theme will be obscenity; I’m looking forward to it.

Site: http://houseoftwelve.com/

Flight vol. 2

This 431 page, $25 dollar anthology is one of the best entertainment values you’ll find anywhere.

Flight is the gallery nucleus
showcase for comic talent. Over 32 creators are involved, too many to list here. If you don’t like mainstream comics this is for you.

Site: http://www.flightcomics.com/

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