Good points:

  1. The fight scenes were satisfying and frequent.
  2. The CG Effects were very, very good. Especially the settings. See it in a theater with a digital projector.
  3. If you like severing, there’s a whole lotta severin’ goin’ on in this picture.
  4. Social commentary, making this the deepest of the Star wars films.
  5. Ewen McGregger.

Bad points:

  1. The audience can’t feel the tragedy of a good man gone bad if they never really liked the character to begin with. Annikin has gone from boring and stiff (part one) to an entitled brat (part two). So his fall from grace is really just the story of one jerk becoming a bigger jerk.
  2. Awkward, cheesy dialog, but it wouldn’t be Star Wars without it.
  3. Jar-Jar was on the screen briefly and metaclorians were mentioned.

I could almost give the movie credit for having the bad guys win for a change, but we all know that was just to set up the sequel.
No reason not to see it.

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