I remember the horror-story scare tactics we were fed at school. I bought into them because I had a strong trust of authority as a child, and that’s a habit I’m still trying to break.
They told us that drugs could destroy our creativity and that’s the impression that stuck with me, despite all the evidence to the contrary. My favorite author, Grant Morrison, one of the most creative forces working in comics, has done a lot of drugs. A lot of drugs. I’m surprised that there are any drugs left.
Why did I let my opinion on drugs be formed by people who’d never experienced them?
Since I heard Richard Metzger describe how DMT brought him out of his depression and got him started creating Disinformation I’ve been rethinking the subject. Recently, a post by Dr Susan Blackmore and and especially Daniel Pinchbeck’s Breaking Open the Head have done a lot to help change my mind. Daniel was in similar state that I’m in now, where what modern life has offered just isn’t enough.
The writing helps, but it still relies on the external validation of publishers and readership. Dependence.
I’m already doing caffeine, alcohol and sugar on a regular basis, not to mention all the other chemicals that are running through my body that keep me from thinking straight.
Keep in mind that I’m only talking about entheogenic drugs. I’m not talking about cocaine, heroin and their like. I’m interested in exploration and discovery, not exaggerating what’s already there.
I still have to do a lot of research, because I want to make sure this is something I want to do, and that I do it right.

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