And some how I’m another $200 down. I’m not sure where this money went. Now I have to ask myself if I should complete my runs of Y: The Last Man and Rex Mundi. I’ll decide tomorrow morning. Fortunately, I’ll be spending a lot of tomorrow in panels, that’ll keep me out of the dealers room.

I ran down Spike at the Modern Tales booth. She’s become a quadruple threat. Not only can she write, draw and is one of the coolest people I’ve ever met, but now she’s been working out and I’m pretty sure she could kick my ass. I am, however, still taller than her and nothing will ever change that.

In other news; word on the street is that the clusterstruck flyers have been flying off the freebie table. I’m going to bring another ~1200 with me tomorrow. I hope I can get rid of all of them by Con’s end.

My goal for the 2003 Con was to have the Seize Him! script written and find an artist for the project. I did that.

My goal for the 2004 Can was to qualify as a professional with a completed work to prove it (Anatomically Incorrect and Ethically Challenged). I did that too.

I neglected to set a goal for this years Con so all I have is the clusterstruck flyers. That’s a step backwards. That’s not good enough.

New goal: have both the script and the novel versions of The Boy Trilogy[working title] done and published by by the 2006 Con. I want to have my own booth with a real product on the table.

I have some catching up to do.

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