I occasionally throw out my neck at the gym, typically, when I make the mistake of arching my neck while doing some form of bench exercise.
Monday was one of those mistakes.
I proceeded to compound the injury on Wednesday because making a mistake just once isn’t satisfying enough.
A visit to the activator looses everything back up but while I have most of my range of motion back immediately it takes a week or so for the pain to subside.
Friday I did legs for the first time in four months, including a harder set of lunges than I’ve ever done before. So my gluts, hamstrings and quads are all making me pay for neglecting them.
My neck is screwed up so I can’t look around properly when driving, nor can I sit in an upright chair comfortably. And my butt and upper legs are all torn up so I can barely walk, stairs become a ordeal and sitting down becomes a long term commitment.
I’ll spend this weekend finding comfortable positions and staying in them for extended periods of time.

In other news this is the greatest statue ever made and this is the greatest Marvel Comics in joke ever drawn.

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