After years of “been meaning to”s, this month I finally bought a copy of Liber Null & Psychonaut and began practicing Chaos Magic.


  • Two of my favorite writers are magicians.
  • I’ve spent a lot of time developing my body, but very little time developing my mind. I should even this out since the latter pays my bills.
  • An interest in studying belief systems for insights into human nature.
  • Fictional reference.

I got my manual, I got my journal, let’s see what happens…

Liber MMM – Mind Control – Motionlessness
Some basic meditation techniques to develop one’s ability to concentrate. Stage one, sit perfectly still for at least 5 minutes, once fifteen minutes have been achieved proceed to the next lesson.

I’m surprised how quickly my focus has developed. Last week I could only stay still for eight minutes before snapping. But last night I went twenty minutes with little difficulty. I know my tendencie to half-ass or skip basic lessons and rush right into advanced material unprepared. To break this habits I’m setting my goals higher than suggested. Tonight I did twenty-two minutes, tomorrow I’ll go for twenty-four before moving on to the next exercise.


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