Oct 8, 2005 7:26 PM

Flag spam/abuse. [ ? ]

Hello, I am quite fascinated by your profile . You sound so wonderful
and nice. i will sure love to meet a cute man like you, though i have
not seen what you look like, i am keen about knowing you, you sound
cute with your words. Well, my name is jummy olanrewaju, 25, never
married , still single and no kids yet. I am 5ft 7 inches tall, i have
hazel eyes,and i am straight with blond hair. I am on this site to
search for a real soulmate . i was never keen about the internt until i
noticed that online marriages are turning out to be successful and so i
decided to give it a trial. Who Knows!! I am an African American, I was
born in Nigeria to a Nigerian dad and an American mum. Unfortunately i
had lost both of them in a fatal motor accident several years back.It
was so painful then, but i was luck this is my id

jummy olanrewaju

I think she really likes me!

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