I wonder what it would take to become a god.

Some rulers were gods in their time. An angry Rabbi from Galilee became a god a few centuries after he died and a Roman soldier became a superhero (didn’t set his sights high enough).

Even in the 20th century the leader of a secular political movement was believed to have the strength to lift tanks.

Recipe for Divinity


  • One set of Moral Codes Taking a familiar code and changing a few proper names is acceptable.
  • One or more books of scripture. Be sure to include in the scripture the edict that it is a sin to change the scripture. They’re going to do it anyway but this will slow the process down a little.
  • Throw in as many worshipers as you can find. Unfortunately you’re working with modern man’s reduced attentions span. You’ll be lucky if they remember your name fifteen minutes after you’re dead. So it’s important to establish a business model that produces new products that support your religion and vice versa.
  • And wrap it all up with a Big Death Nothing preserves celebrity like a controversial death.

Example: Ayn Rand

Moral Code?Check!
Scripture?Check! Check!
Body of Worshipers?Check!
Big Death?Ooo. Sorry, Ine, you died a mundane death of heart failure. But you never know, maybe you’ll get lucky and some future biographer will punch up your ending with a little mystery.

I’d still place pretty good odds at Ayn Rands ascension. And before anyone tries to tell me that there’s no way one can build a supernatural mythology around her concepts of individualism, rational egoism, and capitalism just remember; Jesus used to preach forgiveness and tolerance.

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