Do to Dan’s job’s crappy hours Steve and I were able to catch the preview for V for Vendetta on Monday.

I think it’s the Wachowski siblings best film. But that’s mostly because I dislike Keanu Reeves so much.

As per his request the writer of the original comic book, Alan Moore was not given credit. This is part of the pissing contest he’s having with DC Comics and their parent Warner. Unfortunately, a lot of the audience is going to walk away thinking that Wachowski siblings created this story from whole cloth instead of adapting a comic.

Natalie Portman’s acting was greatly improved now that she’s free from George Lucus’ direction and Hugo Weaving did a very good job acting while wearing an expressionless mask the entire time.

Purists be warned! The original comic’s original conflict of an anarchist rebel versus a fascist state has been changed and is now a pseudo-liberal anarchist versus a puritan state. Hmmm wonder why…

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