I got the last detail finished last night thanks to Jessie and her drill.

[more pics]

Only two big concerns left: Food and transportation. I have to get from the Reno airport to the Burningman rideshare point and hope that someone comes by and offers me a ride. But with this outfit, that’s a lock. Foodwise, I played it safe, only packing food that didn’t require a stove or even a can opener. That means I’ve got 27 cans of ravioli, beans and stew with pop-tops. Am I going to be sick of warm canned pasta.

And as for DMT, I couldn’t find any. No acid or Mushrooms either. The next time someone tells you that drugs are a plague challenge them to find some (crystal and pot don’t count).

I fly off tomorrow and I’ll be gone for a week. I haven’t taken a complete week off from work since 1990, though I have had plenty of period of free time forced upon me. Fuck Sportvision.

I’ve been thinking about all the things that I won’t be doing next week; driving, reading a comic book, answering email or the phone, living between walls, using plumbing, viewing pornography and on and on.

Fuck! I haven’t been out of the state for a whole week since 1996!

I fly off tomorrow morning, see ya when I see ya!

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