Lexicon, anyone?

I’m starting a second project to work on when I’m not in the mood to work on something as dark as Picking Up the Ghost. A time-travel adventure story, Alejandro’s Ocean.

And I’ve been meaning to put together a Lexicon game for awhile now so why not throw all my notes into the pot and turn this into a world building exercise.

I’ll moderate and host the wiki.

Who’s down?

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  1. I’ll play.

    Comment by radcapdotcom — October 31, 2006 @ 1:50 pm

  2. What is it? Anything, I can follow?

    Comment by tracyakafrog — October 31, 2006 @ 8:01 pm

  3. Well, the idea is to create a shared world. Like collaborative fiction writing.

    I’ll be posting updates, and it’ll all be on my new wiki

    Comment by tone_milazzo — November 1, 2006 @ 2:31 am

  4. Cool!

    Comment by tone_milazzo — November 1, 2006 @ 2:31 am

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