Chapel Hill and Back Again

  • The War on Liquids is still going on. More on that later.
  • Flight 1: SD -> Dallas -> NC
    • First leg of the flight, surrounded by asshole babies. I think the babies outnumbered the humans.
    • Dallas is my least favorite airport. Inevitably my incoming flight is at one end of the horseshoe, my connecting flight is at the other end, the train is broken and I have 20 minutes to get there.
    • Second leg of the flight, in the back of the plane surrounded by jet engines. Ah, the sweet blissful white noise of jet engines. “Fuck you, asshole babies, you can’t get to me back here!”
  • Chapel Hill:
    • Smells like leaves, in a good way.
    • Met Internet friend Vedana Vaidhyanathan in person for the first time.
      • Screwed up the vowels in her name. Not her full name (which would have been understandable) her nickname “Nani”.
    • Read three books. More on that later.
    • Got told by many old people that I’m tall. Thanks for the heads up, grams.
    • My mother, somehow learned how to use the DVR on her own. This is the first piece of technology that she’s figured out since the play & rewind features of the VCR.
    • Typical Thanksgiving stuff
  • Flight 2: NC -> Chicago -> SD “Into the West”
    • From the air, Chicago looks like a finished game of Simcity 3000 on a greyscale monitor.
    • Learned that a faulty fuel gauge can restrict an airliner from service.
  • Home. Not goin’ anywhere for awhile.
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  1. Invisible baby! Asshole baby!

    Comment by hezaakun — November 27, 2006 @ 8:28 pm

  2. Normally cable TV is not something I care much about, but I was just trapped on a flight from Raleigh-Durham to NYC, where the babies again outnumbered the adults. If I did not have in-flight cable, it would have been ugly…very ugly.


    Comment by anonymous — December 18, 2006 @ 6:22 am

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