Last night I finished the first draft of part two. While turning outline into prose some things changed, some things were added and some things changed what happened in parts one and two. I’m going to take a week off from writing and think about the implications.
I used Battlestar Galactica Season One as a motivator, for every 1000 words I wrote I got to watch an episode or two. The show is pretty good, but it didn’t blow me away. But there are three things that BSG does really well:

  1. One Damn Thing After Another You really feel bad for the characters, nothing ever goes right except by accident.
  2. Paranoia, Big Destroya The sufficiently-advanced-Cylons-are-indistinguishable-from-humans line in the mini-series made me call, “No way”, but now see why. The original Cylons were only slightly more subtle than Daleks and incapable of espionage, they best they could do was retire and become gunslingers.
    I still don’t see why they only have twelve models of human-cylons but I figure it’s going to tie into the twelve colonies and thus tie into my Big Problem with the series.
  3. You’re in the Army now BSG is one of the better screen representations of the military culture. And all levels of the military, command, pilots and enlisted crew. (Though I’d like to see some personalities for the marines.)
    Something that bugs me about Star Trek is the snobbishness. That only the command crew matters and the only contribution the rest of the crew can make is to slip on a red shirt and die.
    However, they are missing two pervasive military archetypes; the staff non-commissioned officer who spends all his time covering his ass and hoping that no one notices how incompetent he is until retirement and the brown-nosing platoon commander who would gladly throw every junior enlisted man in his unit on a fire if it would get him to captain one week sooner.

The new series is thankfully free of annoying children, but it does include another cliché and my Big Problem with the series: The Fracking Destiny Plot Hook, which prevents the show from being scifi and instead tosses it into the fantasy bin.
My first Little Problem with the show is Grace Parks, she’s unconvincing as either a human, a robot or as a robot who thinks she’s human. My second Little Problem is that whenever there’s a job to do they get Starbuck to do it. She’s my favorite character, but so far she’s been a fighter pilot, pilot instructor, sniper and interrogator. When does she sleep?
I think I’ll have to order season two and a half to motivate me through part three.

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