Las Vegas! Come for the Casinos! Stay for the library!
Late fees go straight to the mob.

   Vegas went like this:
   Lifting and shivering.
   Sleep and swapmeet.
   Buffet and bundling up.
   One show and almost snow.
   Brought my camera and left it in the apartment every time.
   Fuck it was cold!

It dropped to 22° on the mountains on the way up but I don’t think it was ever warmer than 45° the whole weekend. So when we went out we tried to spend as much time in the casinos as possible.
I finally got to experience Old Vegas, I was expecting run down facilities and pealing paint but they were packed and seemed to be doing just fine, in fact the best meal of the trip was at the Main Street Station buffet.
The $31 I won on the Star Wars slot machine covered most of my expenses, that is until I bought us some tickets to Zumanity, that’s the naughty Circe de Soleil. Zumanity is a full cabaret with comedians, contortionists, singers, dancers, a midget and a transvestite MC. Pricey, but worth it.
The non-Vegas Vegas stuff we did was a giant indoor swapmeet called “It’s Fantastic!” and Art Bar with was a part of Vegas’ underground art scene, which feels more organic than North Park’s art scene.
Overall, I had a real good time. After my first trip the Vegas two years ago I left unimpressed but now I can definitely see myself coming back. What made the difference? This time I had money.

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