and I drove up to Hollywood yesterday, we picked up and along the way.
The agenda:

  1. See Amy in FreakShow Deluxe, The Greatest Show unearthed
  2. Amoeba Records
  3. Golden Apple at their new location
  4. Check out the Wii

We played a little Warioware: Smooth Moves at Heather’s. The Wii controller is the greatest innovation in gaming since networking. Smooth Moves is a collection of dozens of really quick games. Most are 5 seconds or less. The challenge is demonstrating knowledge of the various controller grips and figuring out how the game is played before your time is up.

If they turn out a decent sword fighting game for the Wii I just might have to get one.

When we got to Hollywood I was hungry and cranky and unwilling to wait an hour for Rosco’s Chicken, so we walked a few blocks down Sunset and picked a Thai place at random. Once I was fed and civil again and we were getting ready to leave who was in the other room? Grant Fucking Morrison my favorite writer in comics and one of my favorite writers of all time!

Fortunately, he and his wife were finishing just as we were so I was able to tell him how much I liked is work without interrupting his meal. I gushed about 52 and Amy plugged her show and then it was off to the stores.

That evening joined us for the show: A contortionist, a fire eater, a magician and a really good band. Amy walked on glass which was cool, but then she jumped on glass which made my spine hurt just watching it.

What I really liked about the show was the story framework about a girl, the volunteer from the audience being abducted and initiated into the circus. I think they should play that up in future shows.

I was enjoying the show so much that I forgot to take any pictures until it was over.

It was suggested that we do this again in Fullerton. Maybe we’ll run into Tim Powers at a taco stand or something.

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