(09:56:06) nani51: aside from my closet (where all the things i don’t want mom to see are kept)
(09:56:16) Tone: you have a closet full of porn and bongs?
(09:56:20) nani51: of course
(09:56:26) nani51: surprised?
(09:56:29) Tone: -you are a grad student
(09:56:49) nani51: yes, and i do have things in my life i don’t want mom to see
(09:56:51) Tone: did you hide the door with a bookcase or something?
(09:57:14) nani51: no, i just piled half my wardrobe, clean, on the floor of the closet, on top of those things
(09:57:17) Tone: moms are nosey
(09:57:34) nani51: mine actually is not too much…she knows better
(09:57:40) Tone: ah
(09:57:52) nani51: my sister didn’t speak to her for over a yr after she was too nosey
(09:58:03) Tone: what did mom find?
(09:58:21) nani51: her vibrator and made a big deal about it
(09:58:25) Tone: HA!
(09:58:55) Tone: Hitachi Magic Wands are fairly mom-safe
(09:59:01) Tone: I’m told
(09:59:19) nani51: well i have never chosen my sex toys based on pleasing my mom
(09:59:29) Tone: 😀
(09:59:29) nani51: there is something really bad about that sentence
(09:59:41) nani51: i need to re-parce it
(09:59:46) Tone: I’m blogging that
(09:59:51) Tone: as is
(09:59:55) nani51: NONONONONO
(09:59:57) nani51: brat!

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