I call today’s routine CTD II (for chest, triceps and deltoids 2)

Freemotion Cable Flys 12/60*
Freemotion Cable Press 8/70*

Chest Press Machine 8/170*

Decline Cable Flys 8/70

Reverse Pec Dec 8/135*
Pec Dec 8/150*

Front Forward Lateral, Hammer Grip 8/25*

Lateral Raise Machine 8/125

Two Part Cable Tricep Extentions 8/65*

A ‘*’ indicates a new, heavier weight for this movement. I’ve been seeing a lot of ‘*’s lately, that tends to happen when I go to the gym regularly.

More than anything else, weightlifting has shown me the importance of putting in the time to do something right. When I was a kid a was the laziest little bitch on the planet. I didn’t lift a finger to do anything. And when I look back on the first half of my life all I can say is, “I sure watched a lot of TV.”

1989-93 Goal: Wait out my enlistment.
1994-98 Goal: Make up for my poor performance in high school (because I was so damn lazy) and get into UCSD.
1998-2000 Goal: Graduate from UCSD.

And that was pretty much it. Not a bad turnaround, a kid who failed high school algebra three times graduated with a 3.4 GPA from one of the best mathematics departments in the state. But I still didn’t understand goals(plural) I only understood goal(singular). And each of these goals really just involved waiting it out; waiting out my time in 7th Comm, waiting out my time in MSSG-11 and 7th Motors. Waiting out each semester and quarter until they were all over. I showed up, but just barely.

And when I reached that last quarter, that last goal I’d forgotten that setting goals and working towards them was more important than reaching them. When I lost my job (fuck Sportvision) I lost everything I’d worked for which was all I had.

I didn’t really put this all together until I started writing. When you’re writing there’s no waiting it out, like I did in the Marine Corps. There’s no institution pushing you along like college did. If I want this book to get written there’s only one way that’s going to happen, I gotta write it.

Goals. They keep you moving forward. ‘Cause if you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind.

What are your goals? Have you been showing up?

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