I call today’s routine CTD II (for chest, triceps and deltoids 2)

Freemotion Cable Flys 12/60*
Freemotion Cable Press 8/70*

Chest Press Machine 8/170*

Decline Cable Flys 8/70

Reverse Pec Dec 8/135*
Pec Dec 8/150*

Front Forward Lateral, Hammer Grip 8/25*

Lateral Raise Machine 8/125

Two Part Cable Tricep Extentions 8/65*

A ‘*’ indicates a new, heavier weight for this movement. I’ve been seeing a lot of ‘*’s lately, that tends to happen when I go to the gym regularly.

More than anything else, weightlifting has shown me the importance of putting in the time to do something right. When I was a kid a was the laziest little bitch on the planet. I didn’t lift a finger to do anything. And when I look back on the first half of my life all I can say is, “I sure watched a lot of TV.”

1989-93 Goal: Wait out my enlistment.
1994-98 Goal: Make up for my poor performance in high school (because I was so damn lazy) and get into UCSD.
1998-2000 Goal: Graduate from UCSD.

And that was pretty much it. Not a bad turnaround, a kid who failed high school algebra three times graduated with a 3.4 GPA from one of the best mathematics departments in the state. But I still didn’t understand goals(plural) I only understood goal(singular). And each of these goals really just involved waiting it out; waiting out my time in 7th Comm, waiting out my time in MSSG-11 and 7th Motors. Waiting out each semester and quarter until they were all over. I showed up, but just barely.

And when I reached that last quarter, that last goal I’d forgotten that setting goals and working towards them was more important than reaching them. When I lost my job (fuck Sportvision) I lost everything I’d worked for which was all I had.

I didn’t really put this all together until I started writing. When you’re writing there’s no waiting it out, like I did in the Marine Corps. There’s no institution pushing you along like college did. If I want this book to get written there’s only one way that’s going to happen, I gotta write it.

Goals. They keep you moving forward. ‘Cause if you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind.

What are your goals? Have you been showing up?

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  1. > I didn’t really put this all together until I started writing

    I think taking up writing affords people a new perspective of the story of their own lives. When you start writing you start looking for plot, themes, character development, all that. Then you look at your own life and see how aimless some of it was OR you see how you made the same mistakes in some places, whatever your particular problem was/is. It’s like writing allows you a chance to step back and see yourself as a character in a story. Most of the time, and especially when we’re younger, we’re too busy living and feeling and experiencing to consider the big picture. Once you can get that distance from your “life story” you can decide whether or not you like where the story is going. . .

    Comment by mollymillions — April 12, 2007 @ 4:54 pm

  2. Yes, fuck Sportvision.

    Comment by the_bone — April 12, 2007 @ 5:43 pm

  3. I just got back from the gym.

    I’ve discovered the joy of little goals. In the grand scheme of things, the Big Goal is that I need to lose 70 lbs, and that’s daunting and depressing and seems impossible.

    But 5 more crunches? 2 more minutes on the elliptical? One whole day with no sugar? Drink an extra glass of water or green tea instead of succumbing to the crack that is Coke Zero? Those things I can deal with, and setting little goals gives me small things to feel good about, which add up to being generally happier.

    I also find that getting your friends to support you as you try to reach goals can have a great effect, particularly in an artistic sense (writing, painting, animating, muzaking). It’s far less boring than talking about working out, and sometimes I get good ideas, or they ask questions about my work that provoke me. I’ve discovered that the more I talk about what I’m working on, the more interested people become, and the more likely I am to make progress. It’s also nice to find a similarly goal-daunted friend and sort of challenge them to an art duel. A friend of mine recently confessed that he’s been intending to write a screenplay for a couple of years, and just hasn’t gotten to it. Then, I told him I’ve got a short animated piece completely planned out in my head, waiting to go. In the past week since we talked about it, he’s written a couple of scenes and I’ve done a sketched storyboard, a template for one of the main shots, and a color plate. Small goal for next week: Do the template and color plate for the second shot.

    I’m showing up, man.

    Comment by inkswirls — April 12, 2007 @ 6:38 pm

  4. Oh, and you really need to google that phrase without quotes.

    Comment by the_bone — April 12, 2007 @ 10:40 pm

  5. Wow, that was quick!

    Comment by tone_milazzo — April 13, 2007 @ 8:37 am

  6. I’ve been showing up for my diet. My weight has fluctuated like crazy ever since I was a teenager. I realized if I had been eating right all these years I wouldn’t have been carrying around my love handles all this time. I walked and biked nearly everywhere in Oregon, San Diego, and Oakland, but I ate like crap. These days it’s oatmeal for breakfast, turkey sandwich for lunch and a mound of vegetables for dinner with some chicken or whitefish. Both my wife and I are getting some good results.

    I’ve been trying to get my career back on track, I updated my website, finished some small, free projects that were weighing on me, and had an awesome job interview on Friday. Another interview is lined up for Monday. I’ve made plans to attend the Chicago Comic-Con this summer to attempt to re-start my writing career.

    The weather in Minnesota has finally made a change for the better, now I just need to get working out again.

    Comment by mpschuster — April 14, 2007 @ 10:43 am

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