My grown-up vacation (no sleeping on floors or couches) with the lovely and talented,


  • We arrived at the Berkeley hotel tired and hungry. Remained tired and hungry for over an hour while we tried to find a restaurant that was open in the afternoon.
  • After some rest we walked up the the Telegraph area trying to find a bar that was open after nine.
  • Lesson learned: Berkeley keeps European hours.


  • We caught a ride with the Smangs down to Mountain View.
  • Had lunch with and Jim, a former co-worker from SportVision (fuck Sportvision)
  • Jim gave us a ride in his red ’61 Lincoln Continental convertible up to Palo Alto.
    • Riding in big old cars like that feels like riding in a boat
  • We got a couple’s massage at a day spa in downtown Palo Alto, I think this is where my troubles began. During the massage I noticed my sinuses were feeling raw. Melmel suggested that the steam from the sauna might have jacked up my nose innards and I think she’s right.
  • Caught up with the Smangs on the Stanford campus, got a ride back to Berkeley with a brief stop in The City to dodge traffic.
  • Dinner with Jen-Jen and her new fella, Ken who seems pretty cool and not just because he knows MC Frontalot personally.
  • During post-dinner tea I was informed by consensus that I looked like crap and they took me back to the room.


  • I loaded up on cold remedies and tried to kick my cold’s ass with rest and orange juice while and played ‘Let’s dress Melissa’ at H&M.
  • By the evening I was able to BART into The City and made it to The Stinking Rose for a 40 clove garlic chicken.


  • Loaded up on DayQuil before Melmel and I got a ride into The City with and for the scheduled trip to Alcatraz [pics]. Sometime during the forest ranger’s ‘welcome to the rock speech’ the worst of my cold broke and I quite enjoyed the rest of the day and tried to push my camera’s memory card to it’s limit [the streets of San Francisco]


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