As a reward for not buying a Macbook Pro I’m getting another tattoo. I’ve been researching symbols of change that I can have permanently etched into my skin as a half sleeve.

So far I’ve found:

  1. The Wheel of Fortune – The Tarot card, not the game show
  2. Death the end of things. I should have something to counter Death.
  3. Nea Onnim No Sua A, Ohu, Mmere Dane, Nkyinkyim, and Sesa Woruban from West Africa
  4. The Yin Yang has become a tattoo cliche but as I understand it the wavy line between the halves symbolizes how what is yin one day can become yang the next. If I do use the Yin Yang it’ll be real subtle, maybe the hub of the Wheel of Fortune.
  5. πάντα χωρεῖ καὶ οὐδὲν μένει – attributed to Heraclitus. It means “Everything flows and nothing is left unchanged”
  6. An Integral from 0 to infinity, I’m not sure what the function will be.
  7. The roman goddess Fortuna
  8. The Hindu god Shiva

Know any others?

And I’m still thinking about how the symbols are going to be arranged. My first instinct is to have them falling down from my shoulder where symbols of good change will fall down my chest, bad change down my back and ambivalent change down my arm. But I’m not sure how that will work as a static piece.

My second instinct is to have them all arranged around, and incorporated into the Wheel of Fortune.

It’s tempting to have Fortuna, dancing as Shiva with the Wheel of Fortune behind her as her halo but that’s too close to my first tat.

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