and I spent Monday and Tuesday at
DisneyLand Disney Resort Complex(r).

Good things:

  • Bringing Pirates of the Caribbean in
    alignment with the movie didn’t ruin the ride for me
  • Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room wasn’t ruined like the
    East coast’s Enchanted Tiki Room was.

  • I approve of the updated Space Mountain
  • They’ve merged Disneyland, the hotel and California Adventure by
    building the Downtown Disney District in the middle of it. It’s
    grossly commercial the funnel exiting foot traffic through this
    mini-mall on their way back to their cars. However, the food in
    Disney’s Downtown was far better than anything you
    can find in the park
    and only a little more expensive. Worth the
    monorail out and back.
  • Monorail!
  • California
    was better than I was expecting. The
    Aladdin musical
    , Sourin’
    Over California
    and Muppets 3D
    shows were especially good.
  • The Hotel was nice and there were a lot of neat
    in the design.
  • The company of a Silly girlfriend.

The Bad

  • Innoventions, the
    disturbing Tom
    house of product placement.
  • No more Country Bear Jamboree
  • Fucking
    . Everywhere we went these hand-powered SUVs clogged up
    the walk ways. I know that Disneyland is for kids, but there were
    mother pushing around six year olds in these things like they were
    invalids. No wonder American kids are getting fatter.

Melissa got photographic evidence that she is
tall enough
for all the rides, I however was somewhat
until the last few hours.

It’s been seven years since my last visit to Disneyland. I think it’ll
be seven more before my next. But if I do, it’ll be at a low-kid time
of year.

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