Samurai 7 finally came out as a complete series DVD and I’ve been loving it. It’s an extended retelling of Akira Kurosawa’s movie Seven Samurai; a village of rice farmers hires as many samurai as they can afford to defend themselves from a bandit army. And since it’s anime it’s gotta have giant robots.

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A couple of the Samurai 7 disks have come with episodes of Mr Stain [official site], which has now become my second favorite anime. You can see most of them on YouTube (check out Palvan’s dance at 6:19. It’s disturbingly hypnotic). Mr Stain is a homeless guy living in Junk Alley and most of the shows seem to center on him trying to scrounge up food. It’s the best cartoon bum show in a long time. If anyone finds a translation to the closing credits song let me know.

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