70,751 words (still a lot of holes and parts that need fleshing out)
283 pages
25 Chapters


Draft 2.01 – Just like Draft 2.0, but I’m going to have to go over the last third of the novel again, I was really half-assing it, tired. I’m sure a week off and a week of Comic Con will recharge my battery.
Draft 2.1 – Double check my notes, make sure every plot point and foreshadow is in there.
Draft 2.2 – Fill holes, flesh out parts that need it.
Draft 2.3 – Ebonics draft. Double check the dialog. As I listen closely to African-American speech patterns I’m discovering that they’re not to different than rural American speech patterns. They were both born in the South. the difference isn’t the words, but the inflections and I can’t write inflections. Steve got me a book on the African-American accent, it’s a little old, but I hope it’ll help. But I don’t intend to saturate the book with the latest slang, that’s a good way to make it seem quaint to tomorrow’s readers.
Draft 2.4 – At this point everything should be in place. Time to start taking out unnecessary words. I’ve already done a bit of this in 2.0 on a sentence by sentence basis. This time I’ll be looking at chapters as whole objects.

Only then will I let people see it.

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