AMY: I like black and white comics about sensitive boys learning how to masterbate.
TONE: Oh, like Blankets.

I didn’t have an epiphany-moment like I usually do. But I did decide to get back to comics writing once the novel is done. According to Carla Speed McNeil it takes a book about a year to go through the publishing process and I won’t be ready to start another novel for awhile so I might as well get back on the comics bus for a few months. Hopefully, I can have Pulp Fission and Sorcerers Seven finished sometime next year. They’ve been on the shelf too long.

I did learn that there are now two Crime Syndicates, one in the Anti-Matter Universe and one on Earth-3. That was pretty exciting.

I got to see some of the Chicago people; and Matt, who gave us cut in the line for the Worst Cartoons Ever panel (they really were) and was at his booth. Dirk explained that the Iron Sideshow has been kind of slow because Chicagomites have been able to go outside. Apparently they have something called “Winter” which keeps them indoors for a third of the year. I was kind of fuzzy on the details but I should expect the message board to warm up again around November.

I bought a lot ($750):

SDCC 2007 Stack

The only total disappointment; the bootleg Rowdy Roddy Piper DVD has no audio.

New awesomenesses that I discovered:
Polly & the Pirates A little girl is abducted into the cutthroat world of… cutthroats: Which turns out to be an easier life than boarding school.

The Damned A Prohibition Era mob story, where the crime families are run by demons and our hero has been cursed to never die.

The Surrogates A future where no one leaves their homes, instead they remotely pilot robot bodies. A murder mystery in a time where murder is a property crime, only an inconvenience.

Not the best con ever, but still pretty good.

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