Saturday was our first Flesh and Flesh party. The genesis of which was our purchase of a bootleg DVD of Flesh Gordon. Dan suggested a Flash and Flesh showing the two movies back to back but the Flash Gordon DVD doesn’t come out until tomorrow and since we had the house with a grill and a pool for the weekend…

Grill + pool + porn = A blast. The pre-show of Mr Stain won him a fan or two and the main feature was bizarrely, brilliantly bad: Penis shaped rockets, Emperor Wang, Doctor Jerkoff, the Power Pasties, and on and on.

Then tragedy struck… The DVD crapped out on the last chapter.

I know what you’re thinking, “A defective bootleg product! If you can’t count on the video pirates then who can you count?” So the end of Flesh Gordon is a mystery to us still, like Lost Highway.

I can’t wait until ‘ boss takes another vacation. Anyone know any other funny pornos?

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