Known bugs:

If the adBlock Plus plugin is running when you load this page it will crash your browser when you leave the page.

IE 7:

There is still a crack in between the input line and the display.
IE seems to have a different way of reading XML DOM. Thus anything relating to inventory doesn’t work.
The page is supposed to load with the text describing the beginning room. Instead the player has to start by (l)ooking.

Background image scrolls with text. It’s supposed to be fixed to the area.

“Play” Zorjax

Not much so far: You can go to the other room, get the knife and bring it back. But I now have most of the essentials finished, or at least enough of the essentials done to know that I need to do a complete rewrite of the command parsing. I have too many commands hard coded in the JavaScript so if someone wanted to go n,e,w,or s they’re be ok but if they wanted to go sw they’d be screwed.

Goal for next version: Have all verbs in the XML, even defaults, even shortcuts.

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