Last week I found out that one of my oldest friends has become a father… and a woman.
Professor Evan Smith is now Professor Vivienne Ming.
It took me awhile to get my head around that. Someone once asked me what Evan was like and I said, “He’s like me, times ten.” Stoic and logical with a dry sense of humor, I guess that was a cover.
Other than upper body strength, the sexual parts and their effects on our desires I’ve always felt that gender-behavior was a series of affectations imposed on us by our upbringing. And that male-to-female transgenders were, to some extent, gay men who couldn’t deal with being gay men, usually because of their religious upbringing. But Vivienne’s an atheist and is staying with her wife. Nothing about my assumptions apply.
This is one of my own logical short comings: Politics, culture, economics, I know that the behavior of groups of people rarely has just one rational or reason. I have a harder time thinking of individuals as equally complicated. I think this is related to my biggest problem in problem solving; latching on to the first solution that comes to mind.
I lost some sleep thinking about this, but it wasn’t Evan’s transformation that bothered me, it was the fact that I didn’t see it coming*. If Evan wants to be a woman and his wife’s cool with it then that’s all that matters.
But if he’d become a Furry instead of a woman he’d be dead to me.

*This won’t happen again. I now suspect all of you of potentially becoming transgender. Not me though, I’m all man.

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