The Rules

  • If you’re taking a picture inside a place of business ask permission first.
  • TM stands for Team Member, a member of your team, not one of the other teams.
  • “Stranger” is a non-player. You can’t use the same stranger more than once. And you can’t use a Stranger named Andrew.
  • The values of items listed {in curly brackets} will be judged by me.
  • One item per picture.
  • Teams can only get credit of items once per item and require a clear depiction of a TM in every shot.

The List

  • 10 pts – TM lifting or being lifted by a Stranger
  • {5,10,15} pts – TM furious at an inanimate object, the less appropriate the better
  • {10,15,20} pts – TM having sexual thoughts about an inanimate object, the less appropriate the better
  • 10 pts – TM with their hand on the butt of a Stranger
  • 20 pts – Stranger with their hand on the crotch of a TM
  • /lis

  • 10 pts – A book that makes them think of Tone (No comics, that’s too easy)
  • {5,10,15} A flavor of ice cream Tone likes
  • 10 pts – A DVD Tone should have been in
  • 20 pts – TM in a “face vase” with a Stranger
  • 10 pts – TM eating off the plate of a Stranger
  • 30 pts – TM perched like a gargoyle on a mailbox
  • 20 pts – TM in Warrior Three (or Warrior One for 10 pts) [nobody got this, but we did see some Warrior Two’s]
  • 20 pts – TM caught in a compromising picture with Stranger of their non–preferred gender
  • 20 pts – TM riding invisible bicycle
  • 15 pts – TM crying over spilt milk
  • 10 pts – TM endorsing a “Thera Cane” at the Healthy Back Store
  • 10 pts – A foreign voltage converter [Nobody wanted to go into radio Shack]
  • 5x pts – Strangers giving the finger to a TM (5pts. Per Stranger)
  • 5x pts – “Everybody was Kung fu Fighting” One TM and any number of Strangers (5 pts. Per fighter.)
  • 15 pts – Three headless children [Nobody got this, but Team Shameless got close]
  • 30 pts – TM touching the elusive Major Meteor
  • 15 pts – Green Lantern
  • 10 pts – TM eating something at McDonalds and reacting honestly
  • 25 pts – TM using their psychic powers to cause a Stranger great pain
  • 15 pts – TM giving the finger to On Comic Ground, the worst comic book store in San Diego
  • 20 pts – TM being beaten by a child
  • 10 pts – TM endorsing their favorite brand of condom
  • 10 pts – 20% Grade
  • 15 pts – Ganesh
  • 25 pts – TM reacting appreciatively to being flashed by a Stranger (Stranger doesn’t actually have to be flashing, it just has to look like it)
  • 10 pts – TM artistically backlit
  • 50 pts – A TM being paddled by the staff at The Crypt at Park and University
  • 10 pts – An English Bulldog, real or statue
  • 30 pts – Another team taking a picture, once per team. Other team loses 30pts (you don’t need your own TM in the shot)
  • 100 pts –Rob Halford of Judas Priest [Once again, no Rob]

These are only the pictures I scored. Check out the whole set for dups and no-scores.

The Scores

  1. The Britney Bitches – 480 pts
  2. The Stinky Cracker Experience – 430 pts
  3. Awesome Sauce – 385 pts
  4. Team Shameless – 365 pts
  5. Bo Bo the Sea Cow & Haterville – 335 pts
  6. Snarky McGee – 255 pts
  7. Team Disgruntled – 235 pts

The award for “Most Photogenic” goes to Team Disgruntled. Who could have tied for second but allowed themselves to get caught taking a picture six times costing them 180 points.

The “Casual Stroll” award goes to Snarky McGee and Haterville. Who while stumbling upon Major Meteor while he was tying his boots let him get away without a chase.

The “Know your Strengths” award goes to Beth of Team Shameless for handing the camera over to Mat because she wasn’t was willing to chase down Major Meteor.

The “Rules? what Rules?” award goes to The Stinky Cracker Experience for taking four pictures without a team member and still coming in second, they could have tied for first.

The “Most Valuable Pic in the Game” went to The Britney Bitches for catching two teams while they were taking pictures.

The “Dude, It’s not Worth 30 Points” award goes to who almost killed himself trying to catch Major Meteor.

The “Ohhhhhh…” award goes to Awesome Sauce for being the only team to figure out what I meant by “face vase”.

I think everyone had fun and I think we all learned something. I learned that when my friends read “having sexual thoughts about” they interpret that as “fuck the shit out of”.

I also learned that men prefer extra large condoms and women prefer lubricated condoms, except who is a size queen.

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