[In the wake of my recent birthday I’ve been reflecting on some of the things I’ve gone without.]

No student loans, no car payments, no fucking credit cards. I paid off the last of my bills twelve months ago and it still feels great. Actually, it’s not a good feeling- it’s the absence of a bad feeling, that feeling of looming dread. Stepping out from under that Sword of Damocles was pure liberation. Bills are chains.

And now the government wants to give me $600. Cool. But I figure if I want to be rich someday I should act rich now and keep that money in the bank. Back in 2001 when they passed out the last Economic Stimulus Bill (remember how well that worked?) I got my check right after 9/11 and I promptly forwarded the money to the Red Cross. Then I lost my job. Over the next four years of spotty employment I thought about how nice it’d be to have that $300. I’d become the real charity case.

Though I have no reason to fear for my job during this the Third Bush Recession I’m still going to keep that $600 unspent. Just in case. Because my economy is more important than the country’s.

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